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It was an awesome experience playing the game - 'Know Thy Self'.  There was a deeper heartfelt connection we established with each other. Thank you, Skill Neurons, for such a lovely and thoughtful game.

~ Nihar N

Swapna M., Thane (W)

"A very unique concept to make ur mind work differently..not only for kids but also for adults. Mindful me helped with techniques to handle the sensitive emotions and redirect them towards a happy ending. Brain breaks are simply awesome and fun away to recharge the exhausted mind. Definitely recommended to all. A great concept which can be used for gifting"

Vaidehi S., Thane (W)

"The pack of 4 card game set worked as a perfect gift for my ten year old and her cousin (8year). The concept is very engaging and easy to play for little ones and also their parents or any adults wanting to participate. Games are designed to encourage positive thinking, creativity and excellent communication. Kudos to the team skillneurons!! Keep up the good work"

Prachi D., Thane(W)

"There are two knowledge systems, one which we have in today's world, where lessons are taught in a structured manner and then kids are tested. Another form of learning is natural learning, where one faces an exam/question/problem first and then learns a lesson. With exposure, only to the first form of knowledge system, we have lost touch with true intelligence. These pocket games are baby steps towards invoking this habit of thinking/questioning in a fun way. I am sure not only kids but even elders will enjoy it. This will help one to learn about themselves and others. Best luck to Skill Neurons 👍"
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