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Introducing a unique and innovative way to help adults & children learn the art of mindfulness – the "Mindful ME" Cards! With over 50 different mindfulness techniques, these cards are designed to help you and your children calm down and manage your emotions. A perfect Social Emotional Learning Tool to enhance mindfulness, self-awareness, self-management and social awareness skills. 


We all, especially children today, lead stressful lives and are often anxious and overwhelmed by the demands of modern-day living. The "Mindful ME" Cards provide us with the tools to handle the pressures of everyday life. The techniques are simple but effective – they consist of breathing exercises, movements, meditations and relaxation techniques that help children to focus, concentrate and reduce stress and anxiety.


The "Mindful ME" life skills game cards are not just about relaxation, they also promote self-care and enhance self-awareness. They help us to be present 'IN' the moment and to develop self-management skills through self-regulation, which in turn improves our social awareness skills.


Using "Mindful ME" is both fun and educational. It is a great way for parents, teachers and caregivers to connect with children and help them develop important life skills. The cards are easy to understand and can be used across all age groups.


Invest in "Mindful ME" life skills game today and give your children the gift of mindfulness. Help them to learn the art of relaxation, focus and awareness – skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Start playing today and discover how mindfulness can transform you and your child's life!

Mindful ME - Breathing, Relaxation, Movements & Meditation Techniques

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  •                                    MINDFULNESS
    Learn to be present 'IN' the moment & experience it as-is. It makes structural changes in our brains, thus improving multiple brain functions.
                                     SELF AWARENESS
    Understand what is happening within us & why it is happening. Thus, find why we react in a particular manner to some situations in life, leading to self-exploration & self-reflection.
                                   SELF MANAGEMENT

    Learn to handle our behaviour, feelings, thoughts & reactions to circumstances in various situations. It improves self-regulation, reducing stress & anxiety.

                                   SOCIAL AWARENESS
    Better understand others' emotions through subtle cues. It builds empathy, helps navigate social situations, and builds lasting relationships.
                               CHARACTER STRENGTHS
    Makes us kinder, happier & more thankful. Appreciating each & every moment helps us feel grateful for the good things around us. Builds resilience & grit by teaching us how to adapt to adverse circumstances.


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
Based on 1 review
1 review
  • Dar PDec 13, 2023
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars.