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Introducing the "Know Thy Self" Question Prompts - the perfect Social Emotional Learning (SEL) tool to enhance your self-awareness, critical thinking, relationship, communication, and collaboration skills!


This innovative card game includes 200+ thought-provoking questions that help initiate conversations. The questions in Know Thy Self encourage players to reflect on themselves, their feelings, their favourite things, and different aspects of themselves and those around them, thus building self-awareness skills.


Through playing the Know Thy Self game, players can enhance their effective thinking skills (analytical and critical thinking) by exploring their thoughts and feelings in depth and gaining new insights into themselves and their relationships with others. You can also improve your communication skills by articulating your ideas, feelings, and experiences clearly and concisely.


In addition, the Know thy Self game encourages collaboration skills as players work together to answer questions, sharing their perspectives and insights. This not only helps players learn about themselves but also helps them understand and appreciate the diversity of others.


The "Know Thy Self" Question Prompts game is perfect for any setting, from family game night to circle-time in classroom or when you are travelong. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages. It's a fantastic way to spark interesting conversations, deepen self-awareness, enhance vital life skills and build strong relationship skills. When alone they can also be used as journal writing prompts.


So why wait? Purchase the "Know Thy Self" life skills game today and start exploring your thoughts, feelings, and experiences in a fun and engaging way while building strong relationships through improved communication and collaboration skills!

Know Thy Self - 200+ Self-Awareness Question Prompts

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  •                                 SELF AWARENESS
    By reflecting on our thoughts & feelings, we become more aware of who we are & what makes us unique. Thus, through Know Thy Self we gain new insights into ourselves through self-exploration & self-reflection.
                               EFFECTIVE THINKING
    As we explore questions & share ideas, we learn to analyse & see things from new angles. Know Thy Self cultivates analytical & critical thinking as we learn to deeply examine our thoughts & feelings.
    Playing Know Thy Self with people of varied abilities, opening up & learning more about each other strengthens our bonds into lasting relationships.
    As we learn to articulate our thoughts verbally or in writing, it makes communication comprehensible and impactful. Know Thy Self improves social interactions, fosters stronger friendships & builds confidence.
    By learning about ourselves & sharing with others, we create a strong team where everyone's unique abilities fit together. It's like building a puzzle of friendship & cooperation through Know Thy Self Game!


Rated 5 out of 5 stars.
Based on 1 review
1 review
  • Nihar NDec 13, 2023
    Rated 5 out of 5 stars.