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Mother's Day Tribute: Top 5 Ways Mothers Help Us Develop Essential Life Skills

Updated: Sep 15, 2023

"Mothers are the ultimate life coaches, teaching us the essential skills we need to thrive in the world."

Mother’s Day is the time to celebrate our incredible mothers and their impact on our lives from birth. From bringing us into this world to teaching us to tie our shoelaces or being a listening ear when we face challenges in life as we grow up, they are our first friends, teachers, and guardians who constantly guide and support us as we learn and grow.

Mother's day flowers with a card saying mom

At Skill Neurons’, we believe mothers are the key players in building the essential life skills needed to succeed in all aspects of our lives. They introduce us to life skills from early childhood by being our role models. In this post, we will explore the top 5 ways mothers help us build our life skills.

  1. When we are born, our only way to communicate with our parents, especially our mother, to let them know we are hungry or sleepy is through crying. Moms play a very important role as their soothing voice helps us calm down. It’s the first voice a baby recognises; and, over time, starts responding to. For example, when a mom says, “It’s time for milk,” the baby hears the exact phrase repeatedly and gradually starts understanding this phrase and connects it to feeding time. As we grow, our moms sing lullabies, read us stories, and teach us rhymes. They are constantly communicating with the babies. All these help a baby develop their first set of vocabulary words. So, moms play a critical role in laying the foundation stone for building communication skills in their children.

  2. Moms are constantly on their toes. They manage household chores, raise children, and many work professionally too. They are forever multitasking. Then be it making our favourite food or helping us do our homework. A mother is always there for you. If you are stuck with a complex problem, she enables you to break it down into simple words and small chunks, making it easier for you to understand. If we face a conflict with our friend or sibling, she guides us with different solutions to learn how to resolve it. Indeed, she sows the seeds in helping us develop our problem-solving skills.

  3. As a kid, our mom is the first person we run to for any issue, big or small. They care for us when we are upset and show kindness and understanding as they teach us how to handle the situation. We learn how to manage our emotions. As kids, we look up to her, she is our role model, and we observe how she navigates her relationships and supports other family memories with empathy and compassion. A mother plays a crucial role in developing our emotional intelligence (E.Q.), which is much needed in all facets of life.

  4. Life can be challenging at times. But our mothers continue to provide us with a safe and nurturing environment where we can learn and grow. They are our constant cheerleaders, offering us support and encouragement as we face challenges in school or life in general. They push us to keep trying and help us build our confidence and resilience as we learn to navigate difficult situations.

  5. Mothers teach us how to do simple tasks at home. It could start with setting the table, folding our clothes, or setting up our wardrobes. They teach us to keep our room tidy and care for ourselves. We learn from them how it is important to be accountable for our actions and take responsibility. All these small tasks and guidance shape us, help us become independent, and support us in being successful in all areas of life.

Mothers truly are the architects of our life. They lay the foundation for our success and help us build fundamental life skills early on. They teach us how to communicate effectively, solve problems creatively, manage our emotions, bounce back from setbacks, and become an independent and self-reliant person. On this Mother's Day, let us thank them for their unwavering love and support.

Happy Mother’s Day to the most influential person in our life!

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Mrinal Parbal
Mrinal Parbal
14 mai 2023

Wow. Beautifully written!!

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