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The Power of Presence: How to Live Mindfully and Break Free from Autopilot Mode

Updated: Oct 10, 2023

"In the rhythm of daily life, mindfulness is the pause that turns routine into revelation. By being present in each moment, we unlock the beauty hidden in the ordinary, break free from autopilot, and craft a life of purpose."

In the last post, we understood what the auto-pilot mode of living is. One of the primary and most essential skills to develop that will help you break away from auto-pilot mode is to learn to be present 'IN' the moment.

You wonder how to do that? By being mindful in our daily lives. Mindfulness skills help us in many ways. Being mindful helps us become more aware of our thoughts, emotions and also our surroundings. It improves our focus as we learn to engage in our daily tasks actively.

With this in mind, let's explore how we can break free from autopilot mode and experience greater peace, joy, and fulfilment in our daily lives.

Before going further, let us remind you this process is not instant and will take time and effort. But some simple strategies can slowly and steadily bring about these changes. Remember, we don't need a big overhaul immediately but can start with baby steps.

How to Live Mindfully and Break Free from Autopilot Mode?

a lady drinking up of tea mindfully
  • To begin with, plan to spend a few minutes a day practising mindfulness. It could begin in small ways, like taking a few deep breaths before starting your day or simply pausing to savour your morning tea. Over time, you will begin to notice a shift in your mindset. It will make you feel more grounded and more empowered.

  • When you take up any task, be fully present in the activity. Even if your mind wanders, gently bring it back to what you were doing. Don't try to rush through the task for the sake of completing it. When you rush, you often make mistakes, which adds to the frustration. Instead, pay attention. It will also improve the quality of work. For many, even cooking is therapeutic. Be present IN the moment and enjoy the different smells, textures, and tastes of the ingredients as you cook. Avoid distractions of T.V. or phone. Remember to enjoy the journey; it can be for any task you do.

  • Make a simple rule of gadget-free meals and no distractions. Eat your food mindfully, savouring each bite and watching how much and what you eat with all your senses. We know it might not be possible for every meal, but to begin with, can we try one meal a day?

  • Limit the usage of social media. Most mobiles now have a time-limit setting on various apps. It helps us monitor and control our usage. Set a downtime. It allows us to disconnect and focus on the present moment without any distractions. Make time to meet people face-to-face rather than just chatting on social media. It could be as simple as catching up with a friend for a cup of coffee or attending any big or small social event with extended family and friends. These interactions help us build stronger connections and stay more present IN the moment.

  • If you drive to work or do school pick & drop, try taking a different route on some days. It could be a slight deviation from your regular route. It helps to break the monotony of driving the same road, and you can also watch out for changes in your surroundings. Then, it could be as simple as watching the progress of construction sites on your way. Driving a different route automatically makes us more alert, stimulating our brains and thus making us aware of our surroundings, making us safer and more attentive drivers.

  • Practice time management skills. It helps you prioritise your tasks better without getting lost in the monotony. It also frees up time to allow you to take up some new hobbies and, in turn, keeps the brain active. Setting goals and focusing on what matters helps break free from autopilot mode and start living life with intention. As we begin to prioritise our time and energy on things that bring us joy rather than just going through the daily routine, it slowly but steadily helps us come out of constant auto-pilot mode.

  • Take sufficient brain breaks in between work and throughout the day. Our brains need rest and time to recharge to avoid burnout. It can be a simple 3-5 min break, walking away from your desk, doing a quick stretch or taking a few deep breaths. It is essential to rest and recharge as it helps us re-focus and re-energise. It helps us perform better in our tasks.

  • Last but not least, practise self-reflection. Journaling and meditation help us identify our pattern of thoughts, behaviour or actions. Meditation helps us develop the ability to observe our thoughts without judgment, and journaling helps us look at our thoughts & feelings more objectively. Both methods enable us to recognise what leads to auto-pilot mode and thus redirect ourselves in the right direction.


With the right tools and approach, we can break free from autopilot mode and start living intentionally. Tools like the Mindful Me Cards are invaluable companions on your journey towards living mindfully and breaking free from autopilot mode. These cards are designed to introduce you to a wide array of mindfulness techniques. Over time, you'll find that you naturally become more present, focused, and aware in your daily activities, breaking free from the autopilot mode that often dictates our lives.


The increased awareness and mindful living help us be more engaged in our daily lives. Being mindful also improves our relationships as we learn to pay more attention to the people around us. It enhances our overall well-being.

Remember, practising life skills using the right tools and approach can help us live mindfully and break free from autopilot mode. Thus, we start living our lives intentionally. So, let's take a deep breath, pause for a moment, and ask ourselves: Are we living on autopilot or living with purpose?

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